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All members of the Raptor Corridor Project working group provided varied and valuable comments and recommendations regarding a wide range of topics pertaining to this unique and innovative raptor conservation advocacy effort. It is the collective assistance and cooperation of these wildlife and natural resource professionals that makes this ongoing effort possible.

The text used on this website was written by Donald S. Heintzelman after being revised and updated several times, sometimes reflecting comments and recommendations provided by various members of our working group. Every effort was made to detect and correct errors and keep the website current.

The raptor corridor boundary map was prepared for the Raptor Corridor Project by David Johnson and the Center for Biological Diversity.

The two drawings illustrating deflective updraft and thermal soaring used in the How Raptors Migrate section of the website are reproduced from A Guide to Hawk Watching in North America by Donald S. Heintzelman (1979. Keystone Books/Pennsylvania State University Press).

Photographs are an important part of this website. All photographs not containing a photographer credit were taken by, and are copyrighted by, Donald S. Heintzelman who retains all proprietary rights to these images. Additional sources of photographs are the late Ernie Choate, Nelson Hoy, and Richard Pough whose historic photographs illustrating former hawk shooting activities along the Kittatinny Ridge in Pennsylvania provide important background perspectives and images regarding public attitudes pertaining to raptors and their lack of protection during the first half of the 20th century. Dan Kunkle, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, The Mohonk Preserve, the National Park Service, and The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey provided additional photographs used in some of the Photo Albums.

Chris Jones very generously and graciously volunteered to create this website. Without his superb computer skills this website would not exist. He is a remarkable young man who’s near future plans including majoring in computer science in college.