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PA Raptor Corridor Bibliography

A Selected Bibliography of Books and Articles

Pertaining to Kittatinny Ridge Hawk Watches and The

Kittatinny Raptor Corridor in Southeastern and Southcentral Pennsylvania

Donald S. Heintzelman

Abstract: A selected bibliography of ornithology books and articles is provided relevant to Kittatinny Ridge hawk migrations, hawk watches, and The Kittatinny Raptor Corridor in Pennsylvania. These are useful resources for ornithologists, raptor biologists, hawk watchers, conservation biologists, and land use planners, dealing with raptor- and other bird-related activities on the Kittatinny Ridge and within the Kittatinny Raptor Corridor in Pennsylvania.

Keywords: Bake Oven Knob, Bear Rocks, Blue Mountain, hawk migrations, Hawk Mountain, hawk watching, Kimmel Lookout, Kittatinny Ridge, Kittatinny Ridge hawk watches, The Kittatinny Raptor Corridor, Lehigh Gap (and nearby area), Little Gap, Pennsylvania, raptor migrations, raptors, Route 309 at Kittatinny Ridge (Blue Mountain), Smith Gap, Sterrett’s Gap, Susquehanna River (at Kittatinny Ridge), Tott’s Gap, Waggoner’s Gap.


      The Kittatinny Ridge (Blue Mountain) and Raptor Corridor in southeastern and southcentral Pennsylvania long is as a major autumn raptor (and other bird) migration flight-line and corridor on the Appalachian raptor migration flyway (Broun, 1949; Heintzelman, 1975, 1979, 1986, 2004; Kunkle, 2002; Zalles and Bildstein, 2000; Bildstein, 2006). There is a rich ornithological literature published about bird migrations using this flight-line and corridor,  although much of that literature is scattered in books and periodical articles and notes.

      This selected bibliography consolidates much of this important literature to make it more accessible to raptor biologists, hawk watchers, ornithologists, and conservation biologists. Most of these publications are available in the research libraries at the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association’s Acopian Center for Conservation Learning near Drehersville, Pennsyvlania, and/or at the Lehigh Gap Nature Center and Wildlife Refuge near Slatington, Pennsylvania.

      I have not included, however, raptor species monographs in The Birds of North America series. I also only cite original articles in Hawk Migration Association of North America (HMANA) serials because most hawk counts from Appalachian raptor migration watchsites are published first in other journals. Unpublished theses and dissertations, and newspaper articles dealing with the Kittatinny Ridge and Raptor Corridor, also are not included.

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